Similar Item is a Precoro feature that enables linking similar items from different suppliers for various prices and with different vendor codes. 

If you want to turn on this feature for your company, let your Customer Success Manager know or via our chat.

By using Similar Item in Precoro, one can solve the following problems: 

  • a time-consuming search of similar items among different suppliers in a catalog;
  • choosing the most suitable price while searching for similar items. 

How do our clients use Similar Items? 

For example, suppose a company orders similar paper for printing from different suppliers. In that case, the Purchasing Manager can create a Similar Items execution and thus get an opportunity to choose the best option for the paper by comparing prices.  

To add similar items to existing items, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Items Management page

2. Press the Similar Items active button here

3. Find products that are similar to yours and add them to the list.

Later while creating the Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Order, you will be able to check the Similar Items (if there are such items).