An Item bundle is a feature that allows creating a set of goods in order to buy it as one set regularly.

By setting up Item Bundles, you will:

  • reduce the time spent on creating Purchase orders; 
  • eliminate any mistakes when calculating the number of items to be purchased.

It will be useful if:

  • you purchase spare parts for manufacturing or other needs; 
  • you have a constant set of goods that are ordered for certain events.

How to create a Bundle?

1. Turn on "Item Bundles" in Basic Settings.

How to create a Bundle?

2. Create your first bundle in Item Bundlesand add items through Item Management.

3. You can also edit your Bundles:You can also edit your Bundles

4. To use a Bundle, when creating a Warehouse Request, click on "Add Item" to open the Company's itemsHow to use Item Bundles


   You will now be able to choose bundles from the list and set their quantity:

5. You can repeat Step 4 for Purchase Requisitions.