You have some suppliers and you want to make your and your requester's life easier with creating a catalog of products/services, that should speed up requisitioning process. (You can add product one by one manually or import in bulk)
To do this:

Go to Catalog Management menu in Supplier Management 

To add manually, click Add product, fulfill the columns and click Save

Or if you have a lot of items to add, faster is to import products, before doing it make sure you have:

To upload products in bulk you should do the following:

  1. Go to Import and Update products

  2. Upload the catalog from the supplier in the xlsx format. Make sure that there are no formulas in it and there are mandatory columns with the article number, names and price of goods.

  3. Correlate columns in your catalog with Precoro catalog. 

  4. Then, if necessary, fill in the missing data on units of measurement, product categories or your cost centers and import goods in just a couple of clicks.

  5. To change many items at the same time you should do following:

    1. Press Export Catalog to download .xlsx file
    2. Change all that is needed to be changed. Please be aware that you are able to edit only text fields - such as item's name, price, description etc.
    3. Choose the Excel file with template and upload it to Precoro.