Precoro makes more sense when your colleagues are also involved.


To invite a colleague, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to User management (within the Configuration tab)

  2. Click on the Invite user button.

  3. Insert all main info about your colleague.

  4. Next steps will help you to set up user's permission. Choose locations, that would be available for the user.

  5. Choose Document Cost Centers (Departments, Projects etc) that should be available for your colleague

  6. Choose the roles - mark those roles and functions, that should be available for your colleague, regarding their functional responsibilities.

  7. Click Invite or Update (if you are editing existing user)
  8. The invited user will receive an email, asking to set up his Precoro password. After setting up the password the user will be redirected directly to his Precoro account.

You can also manage your invitations:

  • resend the invitations in case someone can’t find the email

  • change email if you made any typos

  • see who hasn’t accepted your invite yet