A receipt is a way to track that the Purchase Order has led to a delivery.

This process will be useful for your company if you are tracking the stock balance in your Warehouses.

To configure the receiving process:

  1. Define the responsible employee.
  2. Turn on the "Receipt" in the Configurations.
  3. Add the user for the employee with the role "Receipts" and send this guide to them.

There are three scenarios available for receiving products:

  • receiving a partial order
  • receiving a full order
  • receiving a modified order 

The Purchase Order will be viewed as fully received when all the items are marked as received.

To create a receipt follow these steps:

  1. Go to the left-side menu, choose Receipt and click the Create receipt button
  2. Choose the required Purchase Order
  3. Check the products you have received and make any necessary edits - then Click Confirm button.

If you see that the products you have received differ by name/SKU you should ask your Procurement manager to Revise the Purchase Order. You can find the Purchase Order initiator's email on the page where you create a Receipt.

Before revising a Purchase Order delete all incomplete Receipts. Items added to Receipt are not available for revision within the Purchase Order.
Only after the Purchase Order is Revised, you can create a new Receipt. 

Please notice: Items which are already added to one Receipt should be confirmed. You can't reuse them in a new receipt. 

Keep track of your open receipts and confirm them.