All Users' roles are divided into identifiable categories. Each of the categories allows for the control, monitoring, and/or changes within a particular document or functionality.


1. Configuration 

2. Supplier management 

3. Requesters

4. Approver 

5. Payment roles + Budgets 

6. Report

7. Budgets 


Let's have a look at all of them one by one. 

1. Configuration Roles. 

Users who have configuration roles have an opportunity to set up basic settings and create approval workflows.


They can set up: 

-company locations or departments where POs should be delivered to - Company Locations;

-add and manage Precoro users as well as set up their accounts and roles - User Management; 

-view and refill the company's Precoro balance - Company Balance;

-create and manage Custom fields for products and Custom fields for documents - CFP/CFD set up; 

-create and set up the company's various legal entities as needed - Legal Entities

-set up the Inventory management module if it is required by your company's process - Inventory guide

-set up an approval workflow for all documents (PO, PR, RR, Receipt, Invoice) - Approval Workflow.

2. Supplier Management Roles 


Supplier management allows users to add vendors to the Precoro account and enter their information into the system. They can create and update prices in the catalog of goods, manage categories and product units. A user who has Supplier management roles can create Product groups and Product bundles (if it is needed for the company purchase process). Here you can also save and store any contracts with suppliers and track the contractual period and terms.  


3. Initiator Roles 


Users with Initiator Roles have the opportunity to create and edit the following documents: 

- Purchase Requisitions;

- Purchase Orders; 

- Invoices;

- Receipts;

- Warehouse Requests;

- Requests for Proposals. 


Naturally, Initiators will be the first Precoro user to create the document needed for processing approval and will send the document off sent for approval to users with approval roles.

Typically, in Precoro the Initiators of Purchase Orders are purchase managers, the initiators of Invoices are accountants, and the warehouse managers create Warehouse requests.

4. Approval Roles


To begin with, an approval role enables the user to view all the documents created in that module by any other users.

Approval workflow in Precoro is set up according to location/department access for each user. Thus, users with access to one specific location/department will be able to see the documents created only by initiators of the same role. 

Users with approval workflow receive emails with the information that they have documents to approve. 

This would allow controlling the purchases and expenses in the frames of one location. 

As rule heads of departments approve purchase orders and accountants approve Invoices for payment. 

This allows controlling all purchases that are made in the company. 

As rule heads of departments approve purchase orders and accountants approve Invoices for payment. 

5. Payment Role + Budgets 


In Precoro, the payment role can be granted to any user and it allows create payment documents in Precoro to track whether or not a respective Invoices was paid. Accountants and financial managers usually have Payment Roles in Precoro. Often the same users have approval functionality roles for Invoices as well. 


6. Report Roles


Users with Report Roles have an opportunity to see the Order analysis of all Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, and Invoices. This visibility is useful for company audits and for analyzing procurement metrics.