You can import suppliers list in a Bulk. 

To have this opportunity, please contact our support team by email with the request to activate this feature for your account.  

Once it is active our support representative would contact you with the confirmation.

In order to import suppliers in a bulk please follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the left side menu and choose Suppliers Management > Manage Suppliers.

2. Press Import Suppliers button.  

3. Download the template

4. Fill in the template following this requirements

  • one file should contain no more than 500 suppliers; 
  • all fields marked with the * must be filled with data; 
  • CRN number should be unique for each supplier;
  • Tolerance Rate (%)  - put the acceptable percentage of the discrepancies between Invoice and PO, set 0 - if you want to approve all the Invoices with any discrepancies, left the cell empty if you don't want to use Tolerance rate for this supplier;
  • PO automatic sending: set 0 if you don't want to send PO automatically to supplier and 1 for automatic sending. The suppliers email will be required If it is enabled.

5. Save all the changes and upload filled template to Precoro.

6. That's it! Now, check the newly added suppliers in the Suppliers Management tab.