Precoro is pleased to announce a release of 2018-05-03 that includes major security improvements for GDPR compliance.  This release focuses on improvements to Suppliers Portal, Bills export to XLS file and Bill without PO creation.  


Sending invitation to Suppliers Portal

Now Precoro users can send email invitations to the suppliers to join Suppliers Portal straight from Precoro.
Supplier receives an email with the link that would allow them to create a new account in Suppliers Portal by Precoro. 

Once the supplier is registered in Precoro, the client would receive an email confirmation about this.

Suppliers Portal Settings


With this release we are adding suppliers settings page that would allow users to set up the account,  input main information that would be automatically updated in clients' accounts, add team members and manage the catalog straight form Precoro account. 

Catalog management in Precoro Suppliers Portal account

Now suppliers can upload catalog to Precoro and it will be automatically updated in all clients accounts in Precoro. This would keep clients always updated with your prices and range of goods in stock. Suppliers now would create their own categories and clients will now be able to match his/her's categories with suppliers ones.


Now report for bills, filtered by suppliers, locations, terms of payments etc,  can be downloaded to for better analysis and statistics.

You can choose a necessary supplier, location terms of payment and so on and filter it to see all the bills corresponding to the filters. 


Bill created without PO

Now there is an opportunity in Precoro to create Bills without Purchase Orders. 

It is useful if some purchases were made out of Precoro and there no Purchase orders for them, but still, there is a need to track all expenses in the budget. You can get more detailed information about it here