This release is scheduled to May 2018. One of the major changes is Reports functionality and new restrictions to reports access.
We are also implementing some changes to user cost centers functionality and add the possibility to upload Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions. 

GDPR Compliance

Precoro is committed to transparency, privacy, and choice. We have updated our Privacy Policy to clarify how we protect your personal information in keeping with the European Union's (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes effective on May 25, 2018. You can get to know more how we comply with the GDPR by this link.

Custom Fields in User Cost Centers

Now User Cost centers that are set up while creating or editing document have three more types of fields: date field, custom field and select type. In the select type you can predefine options for user cost-center. Now they are available in Purchase Orders, Bills, Purchase Requests and Recieve Requests. Users can get analytics according to user cost centers for Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests and Bills.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 

Since May 2018 users can upload to account configurations Terms and Conditions for Purchase orders. It will be automatically sent to suppliers via email with the order. If your vendors use Suppliers Portal by Precoro they can download PO Terms and Conditions straight from the order. 


Another major update is reporting. We have worked hard to make reporting and analytics in Precoro more convenient.
In the Reports tab users can get the analytics by Purchase requests, Purchase Orders and Bills and export it in the .xls file format. 

On the Analytics page you can set up by filters for more specified analytics of Purchase Orders and Bills. 

The access to reports may be configured on the Configurations > User Management > Roles tab.  This restricts the access to financial information of the company. 

Minor Changes

We have also included some bug fixes and added a new Custom field, called Note to Suppliers Card.