Precoro has several types of email notifications:

  • Approval email - notification to an Approver regarding a document and the action needed: Approve or Reject the document at a certain stage of the configured approval workflow;

  • Approval/Rejection status email - notification to the Issuer of a document regarding when a document's status has changed from Pending to Approved/Rejected etc.;

  • Revise email - notification to the Issuer of the document that the document was sent for revision;

  • Pending creation email - notification to the PO issuer that some PRs were approved and are awaiting purchase;

  • New order email - notification to the Supplier that you sent a PO or an RFP to him/her;

  • Invoice mismatch email - notification to the Issuer of a PO regarding an Invoice with a PO mismatch and required approval for the changes;

  • RFP emails - notifications regarding a new RFP (to be sent to suppliers), submitted proposals (to be sent to Issuer), and the results of the RFP (to be sent to suppliers);

  • New comment email - notification regarding a new comment (to be sent to all of the documents followers);

Documents followers within the process are by default the Issuer, the next Approver(s) (on pending status), or all Approvers (on approved status) and then the users are added to the followers via @ in comments.

Set up your Email preferences to avoid receiving unwanted Precoro process emails,