1. Added DCC options/text /date mapping to PR list at the stage of creating a PO from PR form

When creating PO from PR, you can now see departments or projects. So it is more convenient to mark all requests of one department to create one PO.

2. Added Type of PO to PO filters

Now you can filter the PO according to the type of categories such as Standard, Blanket, From Requisitions. If Blanket, PR and RfP are disabled, the filter will be hidden.

3. Documents are displayed in Reports based on limit access by documents

Previously, Reports had no restrictions on the availability of DCC - it was difficult to maintain confidentiality for different company employees. Now, if the user does not have access to the DCC document, he will not see the data of this document in Reports.

4. Allowed to Cancel or Revise Receipt

Sometimes, due to errors in data entry, or product rejects/returns, Precoro users need to cancel or revise Receipt. This can be done by the initiator or approvers of Receipts if the PO doesn’t have a completed status yet. In PO the data of the Received/Waiting column will change depending on the number of goods received, and goods that haven’t been received will be available for the new Receipt.

5. Allowed to attach links to product items and other places

Sometimes Precoro users need to attach links to products that they want to request / purchase to make sure they’ll get exactly what they need.

Now you can add a direct link to the product. You can attach a link by clicking on the on the link icon on the PO page.

Links can be attached to:

- Product Name, 

- Сost Сenter, 

- Comments

- Notes.

These links will also be included in documents in Excel and PDF.

6. In the users email preferences it is allowed to disable the receipt of letters about changing access

Not all Precoro users want to receive profile changes in setting letters. Now it can be disabled by unticking the email preferences checkbox.