In Precoro QuickBooks Locations are Document Cost Centers. After integration, you can find them here. 


Where are the Locations in the QuickBooks?

First, you need to check if the option is enabled in the settings. You can change the name of the option in the settings.

How to import Locations from Quickbooks?

This list can be imported to Precoro as Document Custom Fields and, consequently, added on the document level.

On the Quickbooks integration page, scroll to step 3 - Import lists and settings. Here you will find the button Import departments. Click the button to open the list of the options available for the import.

You can select only those options which are needed for your effective work in Precoro. After selecting all the needed options, click Import.

What if you edit, make inactive, or delete an option in Quickbooks?

You need to update your integrated Locations to have them up-to-date just like in QuickBooks.

In Precoro, t
he Update button will only update integrated options. So if you have some changes in, for example, Locations names in QuickBooks, you should press the Update button to make these changes display in Precoro.

How to deactivate Locations in Precoro?

You can deactivate the integrated fields by switching the enabled button to OFF. 

Inactive Locations (Departments) can be found using the filter.