Firstly, you need to turn on the Expense module. To do that, please:

  • Go to Configuration —> Basic Settings —> open the Expenses tab;
  • Turn on the Expenses switch;
  • Select other settings that suit the best for your company's processes;

Make sure that all users have related roles:

To create the Expense document, please, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Expense module in the left-side menu and press Create.

2. Fill in all the required fields and click Create.

3. Hit the Add Empty Row button to add items or services. You can also use the Import Items function:

  • You need to fill out all the required fields;
  • Select the currency — each item/service can have its currency;
  • Set up the Tax amount for the whole document or each particular item/service;
  • The item total will be calculated in three currencies: item currency, document currency, and company currency;
  • The document total will be calculated in company and document currencies;

4. You can Add Attachments to your Expenses to prove all spent costs.

5. If your process requires approval, the Expense will be sent to the authorized approvers, and the Expense's status will be changed to "Pending."